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Fieldsports Britain – Triplet girls who hunt with the Quorn

Amy, Harriet and Laura Simes are the kind of gang you'd expect to find at St Trinians. They are noisy 13-year-old identical triplets who love hunting and shooting - and on the half-hour Fieldsports Britain show available to watch from tonight you will see how we tried to keep up with them. That's not all. By sneaking up on fallow does we set out to rescue a killit-cookit-eatit evening in Sussex, where they only had rabbit to offer diners. We're pigeon shooting with Sporting Shooter editor James Marchington and friends (the extended version will soon be a fabulous new DVD available from Sporting Shooter). And we're testing what could be the best gamekeeper transport / rabbiting / foxing vehicle available - a mini off-road muncher called the Polaris RZR.

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