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Fieldsports Britain : Stalking Castle Greystoke and rabbiting from a quadbike (Episode 3)

It's our best Fieldsports Britain programme yet. We've packed foxhunting (er... trailhunting), shooting, trout on the fly, falconry and deerstalking into 30 minutes. You will see: • High-octane sport rabbiting from a quadbike: Ashley Vellacott farms sheep and beefstock in the West Country and the rabbits are doing an awful lot of damage. • TV presenter Philip Ghazala is in his first season as master of the West Somerset Hunt. He's out autumn hunting and it's all within the law. • The Prince of Wales's trout: the Duchy of Cornwall offers some of the best value fishing and shooting in England. We're out on Dartmoor's River Dart with fishing guide Mike Maslin of Moor Fishing. • Tarzan's home turned out to be Castle Greystoke. There's a real Greystoke Castle and it's at the centre of a perfect sporting estate in Cumbria. We're off to visit its gamekeeper and deerstalker, Steve Pymm. • At home with the goshawks: our funny fluffballs are turning into mini velociraptors. • 1 September was the opening of the partridge season - both redlegs and greys. Shoots are already getting underway all over the UK. We prepare you for the season with top tips from instructor Alan Rose of West London Shooting School as well as the tale of the farmer who is releasing grey partridges on to his land, keepering them and not even shooting them. • Plus, how to catch eels with a sack and a load of sheep guts. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter www.fieldsportsChannel.tv/register

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