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Fieldsports Britain – Grouse prospects – episode 38

Grouse grouse grouse: are there lots to shoot? why can you only move them at night? what makes the king of gamebirds so magical? In this week's show we talk to John Duncan of sporting agent Roxtons and Mark Merison of Strutt & Parker about prospects for the 2010 season; with the BBC rumoured to be cooking up an anti-grouse-shooting Panorama programme, we're with Ian Lindsay of the GWCT to show that grouse gamekeepering is the only happy future for our rare upland birds; and we talk to the remarkable Freddie Cartwright, who is producing a 20,000-word report about grouse on Exmoor. Which is strange, because there aren't any. That's not all! We're learning about shoot etiquette with Alick Barnes of Loyton Lodge in the heart of Devon's big shoot country. And we're with three new girls to shooting on a have-a-go day at the Oxford Gun Company. It's the best half-hour weekly show on telly. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter www.fieldsportschannel.tv/register

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