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Fieldsports Britain – Fox calling, falconry, fly-fishing and pheasant shooting advice – episode 4

We have crammed falconry, deerstalking, chalkstream flyfishing and everything you need for the pheasant opening day into 30 minutes of Fieldsports Britain. In this episode: How to shoot high pheasants: expert Alan Rose of the West London Shooting School gives his tips and shows the commonest errors Fox calling: with the pheasant opening day around the corner, gamekeepers are out after foxes and SportingRifle expert Mike Powell is no exception Partridges with goshawks: Roy Lupton takes his birds into the field to see what they will get Creeping up on roebuck in Scotland: were out with top deerstalker Lachie Smith Its that daddy-longlegs time of year: if you like flyfishing you have to see this new pattern daddy in use on the River Anton, a Hampshire chalkstream White pheasants: Canal Game Farm is producing them for estates all over the country Nothing on telly tonight? Go on - watch our programme online. Its a lot more real than Heartbeat! Sign up for our weekly email newsletter www.fieldsportsChannel.tv/register

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