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Fieldsports Britain – British wild boar, goshawk chicks and Cumbria shooting politics – episode 29

What will the future hold for firearms law following the Cumbria shooting tragedy? In this week's half-hour Fieldsports Britain show, we're talking to top experts and lobbyists about whether the Government will ban any guns. Bill Harriman and Mike Eveleigh of BASC and Rob Gray of the Countryside Alliance give their predictions. But it's not all gloom - this is cheerful Fieldsports Channel, after all. We're also with Roy Lupton who has hatched a clutch of goshawk chicks, and we're with Selena Masson and Simon Barr who have abandoned pheasants on their Sussex shoot in order to bring on wild boar instead. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter www.fieldsportschannel.tv/register

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