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Shoot off Master


The EARSHOOT earmuff is a hearing protection equipped with an electronic sound reproduction system.
In the presence of weak noises, the sounds detected by the external microphones of the headphones are retransmitted by loudspeakers located inside each noise-reducing shell.
In the presence of significant noise, the electronic system interrupts the sound reproduction and the noise canceling shells provide maximum acoustic attenuation. The level of sound reproduction by the electronic system inside the ear muffs is limited to 82dB (A).
The EARSHOOT headset is a high performance product that can amplify external sounds up to 12 dB.

Main characteristics :

Restitution and amplification of external sounds. Improves the hearing of verbal communications and alarm signals for better security.
Sound reproduction limited to 82dB to avoid any risk of hearing damage.
External sound reproduction system to identify the origin of sounds (example: triggering a launcher).
Automatic reduction of dangerous sounds to an acceptable level thanks to the electronic system
Ultra fast reaction time for higher security.
SNR attenuation index of 23dB

Technical characteristics :

Speaker volume limit: 82dB (A)
Battery type: 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries in each shell (4 batteries in total)
Autonomy: 350 Hours of continuous use
Sound reproduction: Stereo
Weight with batteries: 280 Grams

Source: Shoot off Master – Les Différents accessoires des Shoot-off Master

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