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Outlaw X7A – Pilla Sport

Outlaw X7A


This is a high wrap Archery version of the Outlaw X7 Frame Geometry which has been adopted by some of the top archers in the world. This is a 7 Base distortion free PILLA ZEISS lens is used for this model. It is a great fit for a smaller to medium face and for women.

This Archery specific model has a completely unobstructed view for the athlete through the nasal part of the glasses. This is achieved through a perfectly contoured nose edging to allow the lens to rest directly on the nose without the use of a conventional nose piece. This is a proprietary design to Pilla.

Each kit comes with 1 frame + your choice of filtration options.

*note: Lens images are for filtration color reference. X7A lenses will come without the nose pieces attached.


Source: Outlaw X7A – Pilla Sport

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