CPSA The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association.

The CPSA is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England. Based at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Woking, Surrey, we operate from a small headquarters and employ 12 people directly and work alongside several industry specialist consultants. The remit of the CPSA is to manage the sport of Clay Target Shooting for its approximately 25,000 members and the 400 clubs and grounds affiliated or associated with us.
There are also approximately 200 Trade Members associated with the CPSA who believe that being part of the association can be mutually advantageous. The CPSA offer support to its members in various ways: The opportunity to shoot in registered competitions, both at a Regional and National level The opportunity to be selected for the England Team Shooting events and also GB Team events through British Shooting (BICTSF) The ability to obtain a shooting classification (a bit like a golf handicap), based on your scores at registered shoots A £10 million pound civil liability insurance, covering not only clay shooting, but all game, rough, rifle, pistol shooting and angling.
[u]A £30,000 personal injury insurance, covering all the above sports Private liability insurance (for CPSA qualified coaches and instructors) The Privateation of Pull! magazine, a members’ association Privateation issued 10 times a year We support clay target shooting enthusiasts across the UK. [/u]
As an association we promote the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our sport. Open to all who want to learn, develop or use their skills to compete at every level; our members are backed by over 140 years of unrivalled understanding and expertise. They know we share their passion. They know we act in their best interests.
They know we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing clay target shooting. As the National Governing Body we have vision, resources and commitment to develop the sport and through our understanding of today’s clay shooting needs, we are uniquely placed to guard, nurture and shape its future.
We want you to be a part of us and be part of the future of our sport.
Clay Target Shooting is a sport for everyone. If you shoot, you should be a member of the CPSA.
ESP     8 April             Premier League           EJ Churchill
ESK     8-9 April          Eng Team Sel Shoot   CSC
ABT     8-9 April          Eng Team Sel Shoot   CTC
DTL     29-30 April      Eng team Sel Shoot    Beverley CTC
ESP     27-30 April      WESP                           San Antonio
DTL     7 May              EO & BO                       Nottingham
ESP     10-14 May       EO ESP                        Highwayans
ABT    13-14 May        EO ABT                        NCSC