What is Weshoot ?

Weshoot… Why ?

  1. To allow shooters to express themselves by sharing photos and videos without being exposed to criticism related to the use of a weapon even when only in sports.
  2. To develop our disciplines, encourage young blood into the sport and increase the number of sporting shooters.
  3. To increase the market potential for all stakeholders in our sport.


Weshoot… For whom ?

  1. Sport shooters or hunters who want to share their passion with an informed audience, find the information they need, follow the competitions they like, and stay connected to their friends and clubs.
  2. Clubs and Grounds who want to attract new members and remain close to their existing members.
  3. Federations, leagues and other organizations who strive to provide the most up to date information to their members in real time
  4. Affiliates who know how valuable it is to communicate to their target audience.
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