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World Fitasc 2018 use Laporte Targets and Traps

LAPORTE on DISCOVERY CHANEL! Fitasc 2018 World Championship is coming…. Everybody knows that during an European or a World championship, it’s important to avoid equipment issues. That’s why, like for Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games… big Event Manager choose LAPORTE. Thank you to Mr Palinkas, FITASC president and Mr Mansard, St Lambert Shooting Club President for trusting LAPORTE again at the Fitasc 2018 World Championship.

Not only Traps but Targets are provided to the biggest events by LAPORTE…. So is for the Fitasc 2018 World Championship. If you don’t know how the best clay targets are made, you will soon discover on DISCOVERY CHANEL a report made by the famous show “HOW IT’S MADE“. They decided to choose our LAPORTE FACTORY to show the World how targets are made.

The show will appear on TV soon. Meanwhile, Jean-Michel LAPORTE made a video report on the HOW IT’S MADE team while they were doing their show in his clay factory at FORMERIE (France). The Laporte Family is really proud that Discovery Channel chose our Laporte clay target factory in Formerie (France) as a perfect example to show “How it’s made”. It is a great honor for us since Discovery Channel only features the very best in each industry. Stay tuned, the show will air in a few weeks in Northern America (Canada and USA). Our targets are going to be thrown in some of the biggest events in the World in the next few years, when our Laporte traps remain the highest reference all around (sporting, trap and skeet): 2018 World Skeet Championship, 2018 World FITASC Championship, 2018 Nationals, 2019 World Skeet Championship, 2019 NSCA Nationals and US Open, 2020 Tokyo…

Laporte Team and sponsored shooters wish the best result and lot of fun to the Fitasc 2018 participants.

Video credit: Jean-Michel Laporte laporte.biz

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World Fitasc 2018 use Laporte Targets and Traps

Btc Saint Lambert, D1044, Fourdrain, France

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